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Utilizing many years of experience in power transmission and distribution; ASD is specialized in power measurement, control and automation industry. Designing and building complex monitoring and control systems, automated test systems, integrated electronics, developed software, equipment calibration and HV lab testing is a core capability of ASD.
Our areas of expertise include:

High voltage measurement systems
Design, installation and commissioning of test floors for large distribution
  transformers (transformer loss measurement systems)
Upgrade transformer test systems
On line monitoring and diagnostic systems
Power management systems
Consultancy, implementation of residential, commercial & industrial energy
  efficiency program
Web Software development and system troubleshooting
Electrical training courses
Electric Equipment Calibration Services
High current voltage Lab Testing Services
Electric Test Equipment Rental Services

ASD is dedicated to value added technologies and system solutions. Our solution approach suits those who seek dealing with fewer suppliers and avoid integrating disparate systems and components. ASD never hesitates to incorporate complementary technologies into its systems when it proves to introduce further flexibility and convenience.

The highly skilled team at both hardware and software levels is always ready to meet customers needs. The methodology starts by managing and conducting feasible studies and continues through design, installation
and commissioning any project size.

ASD's products and services include the following and more:










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