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Upgrade Three Phase Hipotronics / Biddle Test Systems


ASD has performed Hipotronics upgrade, Biddle upgrade and other three phase  transfomer test systems upgrade for several utilities and municipality utilities. Since transformer losses contribute to as much as 25% of the total losses in power distribution systems; test systems are a necessity and upgrading existing test systems can be a consistent option as purchasing a new one.

ASD has applied such systems for Gulf Power-Florida, Georgia Power-Atlanta, Alabama Power-Alabama, City of Concord-Concord, Public Works Commission-Fayetteville.



The goal is to reach a fully automated three phase test system similar to our TLS-300, utilizing existing equipment and implementing new ones. The outcome system should be capable of performing the following tests in accordance with IEEE / ANSI and other international standards.

- No-Load Loss Test
- Load Loss Test
- Induced Test
- Applied Tests (HI POT HV / LV)
- Cold Resistance Test
- Ratio & Phase Test


Two major hardware components are usually implemented making maximum use of existing hardware. Upgrade plan may include different wiring or connectivity circuits as well as several other hardware parts depending on the existing system. The two major parts are:

- ASD designed & developed controller
- Three phase digital wattmeter

Several hardware parts are addressed by the software through the controller. The shown photos are some of the upgraded systems.

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