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Tank Type Test Transformers


Agea-kull a Swiss manufacturer of high voltage and high current test equipment has developed tank type test transformers that can be used in dielectric testing of  various equipment and components. It can be used for laboratory and on-site testing with capability up to 250 kV and 1 MVA.

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Tank Type Test Transformer


Tank type test transformer systems are used as high voltage source for dielectric testing of high voltage components such as:

- Power and Distribution Transformers
- Cables, Cable Terminations and Joints
- Capacitors and Bushings
- Instrument Transformers
- Motors and Generators
- Insulators and Switchgears

They can be used for potential tests, C-tan θ measurements and partial discharge measurements as well. Also special tests as wet tests, pollution tests and outdoor testing are a typical application for tank type test transformer systems.

The design components of the test system are :

- Test Transformer
- Regulating Transformer
- Control Unit


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