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Frequency Variable Series Resonant Test System | GIS / GIL Test


Agea-kull a Swiss manufacturer of high voltage and high current test equipment has developed a frequency variable series resonant test system used for GIS and GIL testing.

It is modular constructed and especially designed for the on-site testing. Transport, control
containers and proper housing are available to enable transportation.

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Series Resonant GIS / GIL Test Set


The system covers a wide load range and test frequencies above 100Hz, prevents saturation of the instrument transformer cores. Therefore testing with installed instrument transformers and cable connections is possible. Frequency is adjustable between 15Hz and 250Hz. The testing can be accompanied by partial discharge measurement. Discharges can cause high transient impulses. Damping elements and a number of surge arrestors are installed to improve the withstand capability of the system.

Several test sets are available as:

- 540kV 10A Test Set 
- 800kV 6A Test Set

The design components of the test system are :

- Reactor Coils
- Exciting Transformer
- Frequency Converter
- Control Unit / Voltage Measurement
- Damping Impedances


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