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Power Monitoring and Management Unit - PM2


Automation Systems and Diagnostics' PM2-100 is a portable, reliable and compact power monitoring and management unit. This device measures the power consumed by any given appliance, and then calculates the total price that this power consumption is costing you. With the various appliances around the home or at work, such a unit permits keeping track of what is really costing you in terms of electrical power. By monitoring this cost you can decide the best time to use this appliance, or whether the appliance is more energy-consuming than it should be.

All you have to do is plug the appliance to be monitored into the PM2-100, insert the unit into an electrical outlet and provide it, through the input keys, with the price per kilowatt-hour. Since then, you can leave the PM2-100 to monitor the consumption as long as you wish. While monitoring this consumption, the cost will be calculated instantaneously at run-time.

Even when the cost of power may vary at different times, being cheaper during the late night for example, all you have to do is change the price per kilowatt-hour and the PM2-100 will take this into consideration from that point on, using both the old and new unit costs in the total cost calculation.

With an unmatched low price, you can use several of these units to monitor the consumption of all the costly appliances such as microwaves, heaters, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, or even office and work equipment such as personal computers, small rotating machinery, overhead projectors,
and the like.


▪ Compact and lightweight providing complete portability
▪ Simple to operate
▪ Multifunctional keys
▪ High accuracy of 1%
▪ Output display provides key functions at a given time and displays results when requested
▪ Microprocessor-based control provides run-time cost calculation, permitting changes in cost of power during operation
▪ Low consumer price


Upon your request, ASD can also customize your existing diagnostic system or automate any outdate system

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