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Parallel Resonant Test System | Testing Generators, Power Capacitors & Cables


Agea-kull a Swiss manufacturer of high voltage and high current test equipment has developed a parallel resonant test.

It be used for factory and on-site testing. Transport, control containers and proper housing are available to enable transportation.

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Parallel Resonant Test Set


Parallel resonant test systems are used as high voltage source for dielectric testing of medium voltage components with high capacity such as:

- Generators
- Power Cables
- Power Capacitors

They can be used for potential tests, C-tanθ-measurements and partial discharge measurements as well.

The system consists of a high voltage transformer and a high voltage compensating reactor arrangement in parallel connection. The fixed reactors with taps compensate most of the capacitive load current. Therefore the required input power is low. A tap changer allows an optimized and easy to handle adaptation of the compensating power to the actual test object.

The design components of the test system are :

- Compensating Reactors
- High Voltage Transformer
- Regulating Transformer
- Control Unit
- Transport Housing / Base Frames


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