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Load / Heat Cycle Test System | Cable Test


Load Cycle Test System also known as Heat Cycle is designed to do solid dielectric cable test or test other short circuit, low impedance electrical loops. This is achieved by raising the temperature to defined levels and simulating the current loading conditions in electric circuits.



The System points at inductive heating of test loops of power cables and cable accessories. Cables are tested for loading conditions as current carrying and temperature handling. This system is designed to perform current cycling tests in accordance with applicable standards (IEEE Std.48, IEEE Std. 404,...). Voltage, current, power and temperature are monitored and controlled during an On Time heating cycle and Off Time cooling cycle.

 A rugged system design ensures precise hardware function and communication between hardware and software. Measurements are read, manipulated and displayed by software. 


This briefs the main hardware parts of the system

- Variac
- Capacitor Banks
- Current Transformers
- Measurement Unit ( Thermocouple /Infrared meter / measuring Coil / panel meters )
- ASD Wattmeter



The Load / Heat Cycle Test System is equipped with a software package that allows you to conduct fully automated test with minimal user interaction. A user-friendly interface with several features that give the system additional versatility, such as :

- Ramping variac up or down at one click.
- Calculating required KVars compensation at a click.
- Performing measurements and taking readings automatically.
- Showing real-time graphical and digital measurement indicators
- Displaying Status indications
- Generating test results report

User defines configuration parameters and software sends it to PLC that takes control and starts on off cycles, stabilizes current during on cycles, takes measurements as per logging interval…Current measurements are taken through On cycle. Temperature measurements are taken through On and Off cycle.



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