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ASD joins its technical experience and expertise to offer electrical training services. We believe that a qualified person is the one who’s trained and knowledgeable of the construction and safe operation of equipment or work procedures. Our instructors combine the academic knowledge and field experience that keeps them up to date with testing standards. Each attendee that undergoes a training course will be offered a safety hand book and a certificate of completion.


Course: Transformer Testing (Distribution Transformers)

This course is designed to teach the theory, operation and testing of distribution transformers. The course topics cover transformers’ fundamentals, preliminary tests, routine tests, testing techniques; in addition to the safety precautions that are considered during tests and inspections. The course is addressed to technicians working in transformer testing facilities; to field engineers, inspectors and any other personnel involved in constructing and testing distribution transformers rated up to 2500 KVA.


Course: Transformer Fundamentals and Analysis ( Power & Distribution Transformers)

This is an engineering level course that aims at teaching the most important aspects related to transformers. The course topics cover transformers’ fundamentals, design, losses, tests and above all life expectancy, loss and processes for extending transformers’ life time. The course is addressed to engineers in the first place, those responsible for transformer construction and testing in factories, as well as field engineers responsible for operation and testing. However, the course is an aid to all personnel working with transformers at facilities as inspectors.


Course: High Voltage Equipment Safety and Practice

In dealing with high voltage equipment, attention should be focused into the proper handling to avoid bodily injuries and equipment/infrastructure damage. After taking this course test engineers and technicians will develop good understanding of HV systems , its components and the potential hazardous effect of each. The course stresses on the importance of environmental and proximity effects and how they impact safety. It also shades a light into proper identification of potential hazards while connecting and grounding HV systems, electrical arcing, its causes and ways of avoidance, proper handling of hot and grounding rods, insulators and oil filled apparatus.

Course: Instrumentation Overview, proper Connectivity, Grounding, and Protection

People who work with high power should have basic understanding of test systems electronics. Also, they need to understand the grounding circuit, circuit diagram analysis and grounding practices as dictated by codes and standards.  Engineers and technicians can gain good knowledge of HV-instrumentation  interface, different connections and cables, proper shielding; and can also gain a brief understanding of magnetic and electrical field noise and its suppression. The course notes to proper filtering from industrial EMI/RFI to small signal filters.

ASD can offer your business a range of services spanning between engineering, consultation, education and technical support services. ASD with its expertise,  provides services related to power, utility, electronics and automation. We undertake work from first conception through designs, feasible solutions to implementation. Supporting projects and clients, we offer simulations and demos that help achieving a true vision of the project. To us, a service is what adds value and quality to projects and facilities to clients.

ASD offers a mobile three phase transformer loss test system adding mobility to TLS-300 and enabling the use of one system on several sites. To learn more about the system, click TLS-300..

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