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  Electric Equipment Rental

ASD offers measurement and test equipment rent service. ASD can rent the following equipment:

- Haefely impulse controller model GC223
- Haefely Peak Meter DMI 551
- Haefely 800 KV impulse voltage divider
- AC voltage divider 400 KV - 100 KV and 50 KV
- Resistive divider 100 KV DC
- Resistive divider 50 KV AC
- Three phase Transformer Test system
- Three phase Transformer Loss Measurement system
- Hi-Pot test set 100 KV 10 KVA
- Multi-Amps Recloser test system
- Three phase 150 KVA variable transformer 480 V input 0 - 560 V output


ASD can offer your business a range of services spanning between engineering, consultation, education and technical support services. ASD with its expertise,  provides services related to power, utility, electronics and automation. We undertake work from first conception through designs, feasible solutions to implementation. Supporting projects and clients, we offer simulations and demos that help achieving a true vision of the project. To us, a service is what adds value and quality to projects and facilities to clients.

ASD offers a mobile three phase transformer loss test system adding mobility to TLS-300 and enabling the use of one system on several sites. To learn more about the system, click TLS-300..

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