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Cylinder Type Test Transformers and Transformer Cascades


Agea-kull a Swiss manufacturer of high voltage and high current test equipment has developed cylinder type test transformers and transformer cascades that can be used in dielectric testing of  various equipment and components up to 800 kV and 2 A. 

The modular design with two or more stacked small transformer units is suitable for on-site testing. For laboratory uses,  transformer cascades allow the generation of high voltages with low ground floor requirements. For higher output currents, the stacked transformers can be operated in parallel.

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Cylinder Type Test Transformer


Cylinder type test transformer systems are used as high voltage source for dielectric testing of medium and high voltage components as:

- Power and Distribution Transformers
- Cables, Terminations and Joints
- Instrument Transformers
- GIS/GIL and Switchgears
- Insulators and Bushings

as well as for research, development and education purposes. Transformers and transformer cascades can be tailored to meet client requirements. Different kinds of partial discharge measurements can be applied. External damping elements protect the transformer against transient
over-voltages and suitable selection of the short circuit impedance limits the failure current.

The design components of the test system are :

- Compensating Reactors
- High Voltage Transformers
- Regulating Transformers
- Control Unit


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