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Connector Test System


Connector test kit aims at testing connectors, forming electrical connections between Aluminum to Aluminum or Aluminum to Copper conductors, used on distribution and transmission lines for electric utilities. Voltage, current, resistance and temperature of connectors are detected.



Connector testing is achieved is as described. For a defined On Time resembling heating cycle, Ac current is supplied and temperature is measured on connectors in addition to ambient and control temperature. Again for a defined Off Time resembling cooling cycle, DC current is supplied, voltage across three points around connector are measured (va,vb,vc), knowing the current, three resistances are calculated for each connector (Rab, Rbc, Rac). Connector temperature measurement is determined as well.

A rugged controller designed by ASD holds control over the systemís hardware function and communication between hardware and software on PC. Measurements are read and manipulated by software through hardware and via controller.



This briefs the main hardware parts of the system

- ASD Controller/MUX/Resistance
- DC Power Supply
- Temperature Modules



The Connector Test System is equipped with a software package that allows you to conduct fully automated tests with minimal user interaction. A user-friendly interface combines many options that give the system additional versatility. These features include:

- Performing measurements and taking readings automatically.
- Performing temperature corrections automatically.
- Showing real-time graphical and indicator value displays of voltage and temperature readings.
- Storing test results automatically.
- Viewing graphical analysis of current and previous test results.
- Generating extensive excel report for selected testís results. Report includes measured values,
  calculated values and graphical analysis for each connector

The displayed shots can give a clearer idea.


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