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Fully Automated Three Phase Transformer Test System  | TLS-300A


ASD has recently designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a Fully Automated Three Phase Transformer Test System / TLS-300A for CLP-Honk Kong.

 TLS300-A is capable of testing transformers up to 2500KVA and performing the following tests according to ANSI / IEC standards, in one test station connection to the low voltage and high voltage windings:

 No-Load Losses Test
 Load Losses Tests
 Induced Test
 Applied test for Primary / Secondary
 Winding Resistance Test
 Ratio Test
 Insulation Resistance
 Heat Run Test
 Partial Discharge Test

The system provides fully automated sequential test mode in addition to manual walk through mode for special and other testing purposes. The operator has full control over the operation and testing progress. Test Results are saved to database and reports easily generated.

The system is a combination of powerful hardware and user friendly software effectively interacting to ensure accuracy, reliability and safety.  TLS300-A integrates different levels of hardware and software protection features.

The software provides graphical test panels indicating. test progress and live measurements, in addition to system configuration and diagnostic panels as well. The operator interface is available in English and other languages. Users can switch between languages through click of a button.

ASD has designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned numerous transformer test systems for small, medium and large power transformers.

transformer test system -HV connection

transformer test system - LV connection
transformer test system interface
transformer loss test

transformer test results

    upon your request, ASD can also customize your existing diagnostic system or automate any outdated system
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