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Arrester Aging Test System


This project has been achieved for Raycap, SA; a manufacture of surge arresters and others,  in Drama, Greece in 2006. A compound integration between hardware and software has been employed.

Surge arrestors should withstand natural phenomena, instant high surge energy and multiple lightning and power surge events through out its life time. The assumed age of a surge arrestor is to be tested by manufacturers. Aging test aims at measuring output voltage and current at a given temperature for a period of time in order to simulate arrestorís life time.



In brief, the system is mainly formed of a control cabinet and an oven. The oven is where 24 UUT are placed at a time and subjected to a certain temperature. The control cabinet provides control over all required functions.

The control cabinet contains some main parts as the four variacs, four switches and twenty four shunts. As test is initiated by software installed to PC, power is put on and suitable power is supplied to blower motor (fan) that circulates air inside the oven, heating resistance , variacs and relays. Four voltage dividers and twenty four shunts provide voltage and current measurements respectively, to PC through signal conditioner and DAQ card. Heating temperature is specified by the temperature controller which has a digital display from which you can set the temperature. Inside the oven, two temperature sensors exist. One is connected to the temperature controller and the other is connected to the PC through signal conditioning card and DAQ card. These sensors are to insure that oven will be heated to the specified temperature. The oven temperature will be read by the software. Maximum of twenty four UUT can be placed inside the  arrestors oven before attempting to test.  When test is started by software, power and heater are put on. ASD controller puts the four variacs on and turns on the heater (activates the temperature controller) to start heating the oven to the temperature specified by temperature controller. Due to the UUT specifications, order is conveyed from software, PC to the ASD controller. Measurements are taken through voltage dividers and shunts and fed back to the PC.

This briefs the main hardware parts of the system

- ASD Controller
- Signal Conditioner
- DAQ Card
- Oven
- Oven Control Cabinet
- Heating Resistance
- Temperature Sensors


The arrester aging Test software allows you to conduct fully automated tests with minimal user interference, yet still maintaining all of the systemsí hardware safety features. An attractive, user-friendly interface combines many options that give the system additional power and versatility. Some of the software Features:

- No need to interact with controllers or any of the other many parts of the system.
- Utilize controls from the software main control panel.
- Set the systemís configuration so that the software and hardware integration operate as desired.
- Perform complete automated test.
- Provide visual indicators for emergencies and systemís status during test.
- Store results in Microsoft Excel format, enabling users to check of test records at any time.

The displayed shots can give a clearer idea.

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