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ASD was founded in 2001 by Mr Chuck Nasrallah. Prior to establishing ASD, Mr. Nasrallah was the manager of the Diagnostic and System Automation Group at ABB-USA’s Corporate Laboratory. He directed scientists and engineers; prepared technical proposals, cost estimates and managed projects on time and within budget.

Since the humble start and ASD is achieving steady growth in power measurement, control and automation industry. ASD  is now recognized for Designing and building complex monitoring and control systems, integrated electronics and software development. ASD has accomplished projects and installed systems in several locations over the united states and other countries.

Our mission is shaped out by certain guiding principles that we respect and follow.

ASD keeps promises in delivering projects or products at the right time, budget and quality.

We communicate regularly with our clients throughout the project timeline to insure progression. We seek to build outstanding relations with our clients and opportunities for future cooperation.

Our firm ensures innovation in its designs and scope of work. ASD is far apart from imitations or competitors.

Continuous Improvements
ASD is ready for any alteration or addenda upon customers’ requests.

ASD works hard to distinguish itself from others. It’s the pride that we feel, when our work is recognized and awarded.

   • Technique to determine D.C. Drift and noise level in Process Measurement (Awarded)
• Measurement System for RTD Bypass Flow (Awarded)
• Calibration and Test System for Radio Frequency Interference (Awarded)
• Automatic Planar Disk Winding System (Awarded)
• Acoustic Optical System for Partial Discharge Detection and Location (Awarded)
• Multiple patents pending and patents disclosure

We are always ready to share with the public the conducted studies, researches or projects. Here is a list of the latest publications.

   • "Signal Validation and Failure Correction for Power Water Reactor Steam Generator  
   Advanced Digital Feed Water Control" (paper)
•  "Noise, Fault, Surge Withstand and Radio Frequency Interference" (paper)
• "Capteur(s) à Fibres Optiques" [Fiber Optic Sensor] (Book - Published in French)


Working with ASD is a vital, refreshing experience. The company continues to recruit the best active and experienced, believing that success of institutions relies massively on its human resources. Thanks to our combined professional team of engineers and technicians, ASD is well positioned as a single source supplier for most of its clients. The merge between hardware, electronics and software in our products enforces the team’s deep knowledge of several system tools; summarized as such:



LabView, Matlab Industrial Instrumentation, Automation & Control
PLC’s Ladder Diagram Controllers Programming
Assembly Languages Microprocessor & Microcontroller Programming
Visual Basic,, C# Programming languages, SW Development
Orcad, Protel Electronics, PCB handling
SQL, Access, MySQL Database handling
Visio, Autocad Electromechanical Drawings Electromechanical Drawings

To us, educating personnel at all levels is a continuous necessity, especially when it comes to tools update and introduction of new technologies.





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