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Hi-Pot Test System | Applied Test


This system performs
automated Hi-Pot test on any chosen device as a transformer, cable, etc. Hi-Pot test is required to check for good isolation in a device (insulation test). Under certain high voltage, the minimum current possible should flow to prove good isolation of device under test. This system permits checking the dielectric breakdown point and the dielectric withstand of a tested device.

This product has been achieved for TE Connectivity; a manufacturer in Fuquay-Varina, NC, USA in 2011. A compound integration between hardware and software has been employed. 

This is a stand alone  applied test system performs Hi-pot HV test and Hi-pot LV test.  ASD also offers another automated system that performs all tests on transformers as: load loss, No Load loss, applied, induced, resistance and ratio tests. Please check TLS300 / TLS100.



The system is a rugged integration between hardware and software allowed to communicate easily, control power, perform Hi-Pot test, take and display current/voltage measurements and keep test results as well.

The system sets HV on, ramps up the power, holds the voltage for a while; takes measurements then ramps down the power and sets HV off. The ramping is executed automatically due to certain levels, values and speed configured by user in the software or manually using the control panel.


This briefs the main hardware parts of the system

- Current Meter
- Voltage Meter
- Setpoint Output Plugin Card
- Serial Output Plugin Card
- Analog Output Plugin Card
- ASD I/O Board
- USB DAQ Card
- Variable AC source (Voltage Regulator)
- transducers
- Control Front Panel


The Hi-Pot Test software package allows you to conduct a fully automated test with minimal user interaction, yet still maintaining the systemsí hardware safety features. An attractive, user-friendly interface combines many options that give the system additional power and versatility. These features include:

Performing auto & manual test and reading measurements automatically.
- Configuring ramping levels and ramp speed to be used automatically by software.
- Alternatively, ramping up the voltage to required levels, acquiring readings, and then ramping
  down at push of buttons.
- Setting the speed of the voltage ramp.
- Showing real-time graphical display of your current and voltage readings.
- Setting meter calibration parameters.
- Storing results as text files.
- Displaying and printing excel test reports.

Software provides user configurable fields for customization of test, tripping values as well as password protection.

The displayed shots can give a clearer idea.

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