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Heat Run Test System


Heat Run Test system can be designed to be a stand alone system or a part of a complete automated transformer test system.

This system has been achieved for SGB; a manufacturer in Denver, USA in 2010. A  combination of powerful hardware and software effectively interacting to ensure reliability and satisfaction in the field.



This test is made to determine the temperature rise of the transformer under rated Load. Thermocouples are placed to measure the ambient, core and coil temperature at cooling or shutdown cycle at first, then at heating cycle when transformer is under test. Test is done according to the IEEE/ANSI standards.

A transformer under test is selected. The test method is selected to be Shorted or Back to Back. Test parameters as well as involved hardware settings are configured.  The hardware connection to the TUT is referred to standards of test methods. Cold resistance and ambient temperatures are measured during cooling cycle. Then AC power supply is operated and raised to rated value, current, voltage, power, ambient, core and coil temperatures are measured. Test proceeds until temperature is stable as to referred value. AC power is off and hot resistance test is done during shut down cycle again.


This briefs the main hardware parts of the system

- Current Meters
- Voltage Meters
- Wattmeter
- AC Power Supply
- Capacitor Banks
- Temperature Sensors
- ASD Controller


The  software package allows you to conduct an automated test with minimal user interaction with an attractive, user-friendly interface. These features include:

- Selecting and edit transformer under test parameters
- Configuring temperature sensors, heat run test parameters, power supply...
- Generating Heat Run Test Work order
- Performing automated test and reading measurements
- Storing results to database.
- Displaying and printing excel test reports.

Software provides user configurable fields for customization of test as well as password protection.

The displayed shots can give a clearer idea.

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