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Three Phase Transformer Loss Test System | TLS-300


ASD is proud to present its automated three phase transformer test system that can be used by manufacturers, utilities, high voltage labs, and repair shops. ASD is dedicated to deliver a quality customized system  capable of testing new, installed or repaired distribution or power transformers.

TLS300 is manufactured with reliable hardware and user friendly software both integrating fundamental safety features and ensuring an efficient automated testing process with minimal user intervention.

As per customers’ request; the system may perform the following tests and measurements according to IEEE/ANSI and IEC international standards.

No-Load Loss Test
Load Loss Test
% Impedance
Excitation Current
Insulation Resistance
Winding Resistance
Turns Ratio
Induced Test
Applied Tests (HI POT HV / LV)
Heat Run Test
Partial Discharge Test




The TLS-300 is designed specifically for shop and laboratory use, but can be modified into a mobile test system for use in the field with a motor generator set.

ASD has profound experience in upgrading and automating existing test  systems made by competitors.  
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