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 Single Phase Transformer Loss Test System  | TLS-100


Automated single phase transformer test system provides precision measurement of losses on new, installed, or repaired pole and pad-mount transformers. Measurements are done in accordance with IEC, IEEE / ANSI international standards. The TLS-100 is a  mobile, self-contained test system designed to be used in the field or in labs.

The system is designed to perform some or all the following tests :

 Load Loss Test
 No Load Loss Test
 Applied Test
 Induced Test
 Ratio Test

The system is a combination of reliable hardware and user friendly software both integrating safety features to ensure automated, consistent and precise testing. The design can be customized to meet clients' requirements.

1 phase transformer test equipment



Regulated Power Supply (15KVA):

Input Voltage 240/480 V, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage 0-600V, 50/60 Hz

Power meter range:

Voltage 0 to 600 V, autoranging
Current 0 to 25 A, autoranging

Overall System accuracy:

Voltage (0.2%reading + 0.2%mg*)
Current (0.2%reading + 0.2%mg*)
Losses (0.2%reading + 0.2%mg*)
*mg = measurement range

Testing Capability:

Rating %Imp HV Required A
167KVA 4 % 15KV  12 A
250KVA 4 % 15KV  17 A
325KVA 4 % 15KV  22 A


Operating temperate 40 to 100F
Humidity 5 to 95%


44" H x 24" W x 29.25" D


Approximately 300 lbs.


The TLS-100 is housed in a rugged sheet metal enclosure equipped with casters for mobility.



upon your request, ASD can also customize your existing diagnostic system or automate any outdated system
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